• Let's Talk About Natural Fibers!

    Do you know about fibers and their types? If “No,” you can count upon this article. This article will acknowledge our knowledgeable audience about Synthetic fibers and natural fibers and their types. So stay tuned with us and fill your cup of knowledge with the below details. So we start our article with: What is fiber? Fibers are known as a fine filament, which is crafted naturally or can be synthesized. And, there are two types of Fiber: Synthetic Fibers...

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  • Micro plastics found in Human Placenta

    Micro plastics in Human Placenta! Plastic has caused a menace on earth. Something that was made for human convenience is now choking the environment. So far, we have learned about the ill-effects of burning plastic and its non-biodegradable nature. There are many types of research going on to try and eradicate the environmental problems being caused by plastic. Now, to make things worse, traces of plastic have been discovered in the placenta of the women after they delivered their babies....

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  • Natural fibers Vs synthetic fibers: Choose to make a difference!

    Natural fibers Vs synthetic fibers: Choose to make a difference!

    We as a consumer have a different perspective while choosing between natural fibers and synthetic fibers. But there's an ongoing debate on whether to choose natural fibers or synthetic fibers considering their merits and demerits on a larger scale. It's time to understand the difference between natural and man-made fibers and their respective role in our environment. Natural fibers are extracted from plants and animals whereas synthetic fibers are produced using synthetic mixes. Each has its advantages and disadvantages taking...

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