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Pre-Loved Men's Black Cow Hide Bomber Jacket


Men's Pre-Owned

Cow-hide bomber jacket for men
Pre-Loved Men's Black Cow Hide Bomber Jacket
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Pre-owned black leather stroller
Pre-Loved Men's Black Leather Stroller
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Brown leather stroller jacket
Pre-Loved Men's Brown Leather Stroller
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Brown trench coat
Pre-Loved Men's Brown Trench Coat
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Men's brown fur nutria coat
Pre-Loved Men's Double Breasted Nutria Coat
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Brown nutria coat
Pre-Loved Men's Nutria Coat
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Brown trench coat with eight buttons
Pre-Loved Men's Stafford Trench Coat
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Pre-Owned Black Persian Lamb Bomber Jacket with Mink Trim
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Pre-Owned Blue Iris Mink Coat
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Pre-Owned Sapphire Section Mink Bomber Jacket
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Pre-Owned White Mink Coat
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Need to Redesign / Repair?

With our Virtual Redesign service, you can redesign, repurpose, and reimagine your fur garment all from the comfort of your own home.
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Bring your furs and leathers in, and our team will be able to give you suggestions and options on what we can do with your garment!
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Happy First Day of Spring! 
Cheers to one of Chicago’s craziest, weirdest, & warmest winters in 142 years. Here’s how we styled winter of 2023🖤

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Travel through the decades with our vintage fur selection. Which decade is your favorite?

Christos Furs & Leather is Chicago’s premier vintage fur destination🖤

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Redesign season is finally here! 

If you’re located in the Chicagoland area, feel free to stop in for an in-person consultation. If you aren’t, virtual redesigns are available! 

Take a look at one of our favorite redesigns from this season…