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Sustainable Luxury

Natural Fibers for Sustainable Fashion

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Luxury Meets Longevity

Christos offers high-end fur and leather wearables, making sure you stand out in your everyday life. We provide clientele all over the world with the fur and leather they want, delivered with passion and perfection.
About Christos Furs

What Sets Us Apart

True, passionate furriers are hard to come by in the fast-fashion modern era. Christos designs are purely American-made with international taste, tailored with relentless passion and perfectionism.

In a world of fast fashion, Christos delivers timeless pieces that are built to last.
We create gorgeous custom fur and leather designs that last a lifetime.
It’s our responsibility to pass the torch of fur’s benefits and lasting quality.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to fashionably sustain our planet for future generations. Utilizing technology, we provide the world with responsibly sourced fashion using biodegradable, natural fibers that last a lifetime such as cotton, linen, wool, cashmere, silk, fur, and leather. While simultaneously recycling plastic pollution into unique garments that can be worn a lifetime.

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What We Offer

With our Virtual Redesign service, you can redesign, repurpose, and reimagine your fur garment all from the comfort of your own home.
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Bring your furs and leathers in, and our team will be able to give you suggestions and options on what we can do with your garment!
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Cold Vault Storage
There are many ways to maintain the texture and appearance of your garment, the most important one being cold storage.
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Custom Fur & Leather
Create your own custom piece! Made in Chicago from the best quality & responsibly sourced furs and leather in the world.
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Virtual Redesign

For your convenience, we have created a service that will allow you to redesign, and re-purpose your fur garment online, without leaving the comfort of your home.

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Join us for this years Reuse-A-Palooza! Christos will be showcasing some of our favorite up-cycled sustainable fashion. We’ll see you there!
Enjoy some behind the scenes footage of Christos featured on WGN! 
Featuring some of the looks from our upcoming fashion show. We’ll see you there! ❤️

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@coach ignore the haters and keep doing what you’re doing. 
Society needs earth-made, REAL, biodegradable materials. “Innovative vegan materials” is a cute way of saying plastic. Our world already has a plastic pollution crisis. Let us know your thoughts…

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