Fur & Leather Redesign

Since its conception in 2005, our design house has redesigned thousands of fur and leather garments! Whether it's adding fox collars or turning a family heirloom into home decor, we can design an entirely new look from an outdated garment's original design.

Virtual Redesign Program

Now, from the convenience of your home, our design consultants can collaborate and access your garment from your smart phone or tablet. Through FaceTime, Skype, or Microsoft Zoom, we can discuss the new look you wish to achieve from anywhere in the world.

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Reasons to redesign

Inherited Fur

If you have inherited or thrifted a fur coat, chances are the style is either outdated or suited to the previous owner. We can tailor the coat to your needs and style, whether it is grooving or shearing the fur for an entirely new look or turning a woman's full-length mink into a men's bomber jacket. The options are endless.

Modernize Your Fur

Given the longevity of a fur coat, we understand if you have an outdated 30-year-old coat you no longer wear sitting in your closet, collecting dust. Get use of your valuable investment and update it to the coat you feel comfortable wearing. In the age of trends, fur can be an even more fabulous investment as it lasts and can be restyled in so many different ways, numerous times throughout your lifetime.

Family Heirloom

As a furrier atelier, we want to see everyone sporting a fur coat come the winter months, but we understand it may not be suited for everyone's lifestyle. If you inherited a family fur passed down from generation to generation and do not wear it but can't seem to part ways with it, we offer home decor solutions. Turn your mother's winter coat into a cozy mink blanket, a stylish accent pillow, or even a fur teddy bear.

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Contact us through any of our website's contact forms, by phone, or on any of our social media platforms.


Set up an in-person or virtual redesign appointment with one of our Design Consultants. Your Consultant will discuss the entire process, from desired style points to shipping details.


Our experienced design team will transform your dated garment into a masterpiece you want to wear!

Before & After Redesign Gallery

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most popular redesign?

Fur coat shearing is the process in which we trim the guard hairs of your fur to create interesting patterns and designs within the fur, achieve the softest texture of the fur, and reduce the fur's bulkiness. Shearing, or grooving, is our most sought-after redesign as it changes fur appearance the most dramatically. Depending on the fur type, it can look like a totally different material, like velvet. Examples are shown in our Before and After Gallery.

How long do most redesigns take to complete?

Depending on the desired look and time of year, we usually take 1 month to complete redesigns. During the winter months, between repairs and custom orders, our design shop's schedule fills up quickly. A redesign that can usually be done in one month can take up to three months in our high season. The timeframe will be discussed more in detail during your redesign appointment.

How does shipping work?

We work with clients all over the world. If you are out of state or the country, set up a virtual redesign appointment. We will meet virtually to discuss all the design details. If you decide to move forward with the redesign, simply mail us your coat. We can process your payment remotely and ship the coat back to your desired address.

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