Cold Vault Storage

Annually storing your furs protects and guarantees the longevity of your investment. Store your furs with us in our humidity- and temperature-controlled vault during the warm summer months.

Fur Storage Services

Storage season begins in March and pick up starts in late October early November. We give each customer a three month grace period for storage until we start charging for the following year's storage.

Meaning, if you have more than one garment you would like to store with us and only wear one during the winter, the other garments are able to stay in our vault until March 1st of that year with no hidden or extra fees. We can also clean and glaze your garments, find out how we glaze your garments naturally in our, “Importance of Fur Storage” blog!

Why you should store your fur?

Dry Rot

Dry rot can occur when your furs are stored in warm, humid places like your basement or closet. Dry rotting causes the skin of the fur to weaken leaving it prone to tears and rips. Once furs start to dry rot there is not much professionals can do to recover the skins and keep it from ripping again in the future. Therefore storing your coats every year will increase the lifespan of your coat.

Stiff Coat

Not only is storage important to prolong the life of your furs, but also wearing them! Leaving them in storage for too long can cause the skins to become stiff making the coat uncomfortable. Your body heat and movement in the coat will only help keep your coat supple and maintain its natural flexibility. In addition to wearing and storing your coat, it is important to clean and glaze every year!

Flood Damage

When a fur coat is exposed to sitting water the skins will begin to shrink, the fur will become matted, and the coat will develop an unpleasant smell from bacterial growth. If your coat is damaged by water make sure you service it as soon as possible, as the skins immediately absorb the water. If the coat absorbs too much water the only option left is to shorten the coat.

Our Process

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During the consultation process, our experts will assess your coat's needs. Our top priority is to make sure you receive the best service.


The final step is storing your coat in our humidity and temperature controlled state of the art cold storage vault.

Our Cold Storage Vault


Frequently Asked Questions

When should I store my fur?

Our storage season starts March 1st, we accept coats throughout the whole summer. Pick up starts in end of October early November.

Can I store my coats in a cedar closet?

We recommend storing your furs with a professional in a humidity and temperature controlled storage vault. The longest you will be able to store your furs in a cedar closet is six months.

Expert tip: If you can't smell the cedar, it's not doing its job anymore!

Do I need to clean my coats every year?

Fur coats must be cleaned and glazed once a year!

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