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Fur garment redesign - Christos Furs


At Christos Furs, you will find high-end outwear of all sizes, designs, and colors. Female and male
garments for all ages, waiting to be worn by you, keeping you stylish and warm.
  • Cashmere fur coat - Christos Furs
  • Fox fur capes - Christos Furs
  • Rabbit fur coats - Christos Furs
  • Wool coats & jackets - Christos Furs
Fur coat - Christos Furs
Fur vests - Christos Furs


Whether your garment is outdated, or you feel that you need a change, we will redesign your coat. Changing the length, the fit, the swing, the collar, sleeves, closings; anything you feel you want to upgrade. Give us your thoughts. We will give you our suggestions and artisanship.
Fur repair and redesign - Christos Furs
Fur garment redesign - Christos Furs


Did you find a tear or rip on your garment? Did your leather get discolored? Do not hesitate. Bring it in. Your fur garment will be sewn. If necessary, we will change the section and match a new piece. Your leather will also get a new matching panel and its color will be restored.
Fur accessories - Christos Furs

Bring us your own sketch or picture. Just walk in and describe what you want. Choose the body of one coat; the sleeves of another; the collar of a different one… We will make you your own unique piece and give you your patron (pattern) when we finish. Garments, accessories, handbags, gadgets, home décor.
  • Chinchilla fur coat - Christos Furs
  • Chinchilla fur coat - Christos Furs
  • Sable fur coats - Christos Furs
  • Sable fur garment - Christos Furs


If the coat you inherited or previously purchased or even the garment you wish to buy now is either too big or
too small, we will make the necessary adjustments until it takes the contour of your body. You will not be able to
notice that the garment was altered.
Fur repair and redesign - Christos Furs
Fur garment cleaning solution - Christos Furs


All fur garments must be cleaned and conditioned/glazed annually before putting into storage. Garments are steamed, put in the drum with sawdust and fur cleaning solution, hung and steamed again, and finally glazed with essential fur oils. If needed your lining will be changed.
Furrier in Illinois - Christos Furs

All garments must be stored annually throughout the spring and summer months. A cold climate in a humidity-controlled environment, with special lighting, protects your garments and prevents dry-outs and oxidized skins.


Leave your old coat with us. After we clean it (charges on the owner), the garment goes on the floor, ready to be
purchased. Your garment can stay with as for as long as you like. It will be priced according to its owner, given that
the garment is in good condition, while Christos Furs keeps 10% of the sale.


You can rent a garment/garments for a special occasion. Pick-up and delivery are made by the customer.
  • Fur garments - Christos Furs
  • Fur garments, Coats & jackets- Christos Furs
  • Custom fur garments - Christos Furs
  • Custom fur garments - Christos Furs


Walk-in with your garment, and get your appraisal with detailed information.
Monogram Embroidery, Fur Restyling - Christos Furs

We will monogram your initials, not just on your fur garment, but any garment and material. Pick your favorite color and lettering. In the same way, we can embroider whole names, your favorite phrase, or picture.


Did you find an item that you like? Make a small payment and put in layaway. We will keep your garment
and/or accessory safe until you are ready to pick it up.


Trade in your old garment for something new.
Gift card - Christos Furs

Furrier in chicago - christos furs

A wonderful gift to give to anyone. A pre-paid card at Christos Fur Salon!
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