Whether your garment is outdated or you want to give your garment a new look then redesigning may be the best option for you. Our team will be able to change the style, length, fit, closures and much more. Redesigning your furs is one of the luxuries of having a coat for a lifetime, as you grow and change, your coat can too. This is one of the major reasons furs are sustainable. We made it easier for you to redesign your garment from the comfort of your own home, with our “Virtual Redesign Program”. You also have the option of making a new coat, or any accessories that come to mind. Regardless of what services you need we will be happy to help.



You found a rip in your fur? Or your leather is starting to look worn out, what now? Bring your furs and leathers in, our team will be able to take a look at your garment and give you suggestions and options on what we can do with your garment! We offer different repair services like patching the lining, restoring the color of your leather, cleanings, etc. 


Storage & Cleaning

You may store your garments with us in our humidity controlled cold vault during those warm summer months. Storage season begins in March and pick up starts in late October early November. We give each customer a three month grace period for storage until we start charging for the following year's storage. Meaning, if you have more than one garment you would like to store with us and only wear one during the winter, the other garments are able to stay in our vault until March 1st of that year with no hidden or extra fees. We can also clean and glaze your garments, find out how we glaze your garments naturally in our, “Importance of Fur Storage” blog!


Consignment Program

If you no longer wish to keep your garment, we have a great consignment program available. Depending on the condition of your fur or leather we will be able to take it in, agree upon a price with you to sell it for and go from there. You are also welcome to trade in your garment for something more in style. 


Layaway Program

If there is a garment you absolutely love and want to purchase, our team will be able to set you up with a six month layaway plan! We require 33% down and set up a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly pay plan. You’ll have your garment in no time. 



Whether you need an appraisal for insurance purposes or if you would like to know how much your garment is worth, our team is able to help you. Written appraisals for insurance purposes are priced at $125 and verbal appraisals are always free.


Regardless of what services you need, we are always happy to help!

Contact us via email or through our social media platforms.