Consignment Program

With our consignment program, all garments must go through an authentication process where our experts verify that the coats are genuine and in good condition.
The authentication fee for four garments and under is $35; for five pieces and over, it is $50. Once that step is completed, our team and the client decide if our consignment program is the right fit. After a year, if the coat has not been sold, we will reach back out to the client and give them the option of picking it up or donating it. The best time to consign with us is in the fall; appointments can be made Monday through Friday for consignment.

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Redesign season is finally here! 

If you’re located in the Chicagoland area, feel free to stop in for an in-person consultation. If you aren’t, virtual redesigns are available! 

Take a look at one of our favorite redesigns from this season…
Redesign Series: The before and after of a destroyed fur slipper! Ft. the cutest offender of Chicago🐾

#redesignseries #furslippers #sustainablefashion #colorfulfur #dogsofinstagram #fashion
Redesign Series: The before & after of a faux fur collar! 

Not only does real fur have a better look, but the natural fox guard hairs provide warmth by deflecting the wind from your face.

#redesignseries #christosfursandleather #themoreyouknow #sustainablefashion #slowfashion #foxcollar #realfur
Today’s the day… Last day to shop our Valentine’s Day Sale! ❤️