• Importance of Fur Storage

    Importance of Fur Storage

    Importance of fur storage Basically, fur storage is one of the best techniques to store your clothes. How? Well, first, it is maintained by professionals, and they know better what is best for your clothes. Second, the environment is calibrated to become the best for the health of the fur — humidity remains constant, the appropriate degree of moisture is maintained, the temperature fluctuates only within a certain range. Moreover, as soon as you get your clothes back from the...

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  • Christos Furs and Leathers as an advocate for natural fibers

    Christos Furs and Leathers as an advocate for natural fibers

    Mass production of synthetic clothing and its effects on ecosystem In today's modern era, human has made significant efforts in making life better but was it sustainable? No, instead human has adversely affected the environment in some way or other to fulfil their needs. If you look deep into an era of evolving fashion, many people are moving towards synthetic fabrics rather the natural ones. It becomes even worse when some of the fashion companies started selling synthetic fibrous clothes...

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  • Let's Talk About Natural Fibers!

    Do you know about fibers and their types? If “No,” you can count upon this article. This article will acknowledge our knowledgeable audience about Synthetic fibers and natural fibers and their types. So stay tuned with us and fill your cup of knowledge with the below details. So we start our article with: What is fiber? Fibers are known as a fine filament, which is crafted naturally or can be synthesized. And, there are two types of Fiber: Synthetic Fibers...

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