Jasmine Sheared Beaver Jacket with Chinchilla Trim

Jasmine Sheared Beaver Jacket with Chinchilla Trim


Jasmine Sheared Beaver Jacket with Chinchilla Trim

Starting at $6,390.00

Style Overview: The Jasmine Sheared Beaver Jacket  is a classy and elegant choice for the winter season. The soft velvety texture of the sheared beaver gives off a more conservative look, while the chinchilla adds a touch of elegance and sophistication. Style this piece with a gorgeous evening gown or something more simple like leather pants and a turtleneck. The options are endless with this piece.

Garment Specs:

  • 100% genuine sheared beaver and chinchilla
  • Sheared beaver - guard hairs are cut down
  • Length 28''
  • European closures
  • Front velvet pockets
  • Crystal buttons
  • Chinchilla Wing Collar
  • Chinchilla cuffs
  • Fur origin : Canada
  • Medium

Expert tips:

  • Maintain Jasmine Sheared Beaver Jacket with Chinchilla Trim look and appearance by storing it in our temperature- and humidity-controlled storage vault annually, along with cleaning and glazing. Cold vault storage delays the deterioration of the skins, protecting the longevity of your investment. Cleaning removes dirt, unwanted body oils, and winter solvents, while the glaze adds a protective layer and shine to your fur.
  • Make sure to unbutton the jacket while driving to lessen the stress on the fur.
  • Sheared beaver is one of the most durable furs, not to mention its soft velvety texture. It is lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  • Chinchilla is known for its soft texture and gorgeous color, with the proper care this garment will last you a lifetime.

This garment is Christos Furs and Leather Certified, meaning it is designed to last a lifetime. Made of the highest quality and responsibly sourced Greek or Canadian genuine fur, this garment is the world's best outerwear. Nothing is more natural or warmer than fur.


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