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Amara Sheared Mink Jacket



Woman wearing a brown sheared mink jacket
Amara Sheared Mink Jacket
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Black shearling jacket with a detachable hood
Black Shearling Jacket with a Detachable Hood
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Woman posing in her mink vest with stripes and fox fur
Blue Iris Black Mink Vest with Indigo Fox
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Striped long mink fur vest
Blue Iris Mink Vest
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Brown mink section jacket with a fox fur collar
Brown Mink Section Jacket with Fox Collar
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Red leather glove wearing hand holds a red fox pom pom keychain
Burgundy Fox Pom Pom Key Chain
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Black leather glove wearing hand holds a black fox pom pom keychain
Chocolate Brown Fox Pom Pom Key Chain
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Woman posing while wearing a Toscana jacket that is lined in fur
Chocolate Toscana Jacket with Hood
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Small dog wearing a fluffy pink coat made of rabbit
Christos Original Fuchsia Rabbit Dog Coat with Hood
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A dog wearing a coat made of mink
Christos Original Mink Section Doggy Coat with Fox Trim
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Woman wearing a rain coat that is covered in stripes of fox fur
Christos Original Natural Red Fox Reversible Raincoat
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Black sheared mink vest with lynx fur on its hood
Cleo Sheared Mink Vest with Lynx Hood
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Black leather glove wearing hand holds a pink fox pom pom keychain
Crystal Fox Pom Pom Key Chain
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Pink ostrich stroller
Daphne Ostrich Stroller
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Woman wearing a jacket made with black fox fur
Elektra Fox Jacket
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Blue leather glove wearing hand holds a grey fox pom pom keychain
Grey Fox Pom Pom Key Chain
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Join us for this years Reuse-A-Palooza! Christos will be showcasing some of our favorite up-cycled sustainable fashion. We’ll see you there!
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Featuring some of the looks from our upcoming fashion show. We’ll see you there! ❤️

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@coach ignore the haters and keep doing what you’re doing. 
Society needs earth-made, REAL, biodegradable materials. “Innovative vegan materials” is a cute way of saying plastic. Our world already has a plastic pollution crisis. Let us know your thoughts…

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