Christos Furs has brought a new dimension to the luxurious fur world. For your convenience, we have created a service that will allow you to redesign, and re-purpose your fur garment online, without leaving the comfort of your home.

The process is very simple. Schedule your virtual video call consultation that will take 20-30 minutes. Show Christos your fur coat on you in a well-lit space. Discuss everything that you would like changed on your garment to create a new design that fits your lifestyle. Ship it to Christos Furs and we will contact you upon receiving the package. When it’s ready we will contact you about delivery, so you can sign when it comes. Love your new fur! Satisfaction is guaranteed! We will work on your garment until you are 100% happy!

Please watch the videos. You will get a better taste of what this new era is all about, and give us a feedback about any comments or concerns you may have.

ENJOY WEARING FURS THAT fits you like a glove!

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"Thank you

Glad to serve all of your Fur and Leather needs"

Christos and staff