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In May of 2005, the fur and leather artist of the world, Christos Taltsidis from Kastoria Greece, opened his business in Westchester Il, and has been expanding ever since. State of the art machinery- sewing, cleaning, embroidering, with talented hands and devoted minds, work together on a daily purpose to satisfy the “life sources” (customers, clients, patrons, consumers) that walk through “Christos Furs” doors.
Before open his own shop/salon, Christos worked as a fur and leather artist at various well-known salons over the years. Evans, Maples, Mysels, Dion Furs, Garber Furs, Marshall Fields, are just some of them. Sachs 5th Avenue and Nordstrom Department Stores are only a gist of collaborations with currently existing businesses. His knowledge and artistry comes from the best, in order to create the best.
“Christos Furs” takes pride in custom making garments and accessories. Besides fur and leather, we work with shearlings, wool, cashmere, reversibles, and any material durable and wearable. Aside from ready-to-wear garments and accessories on display, you can visit us for any repairs or redesigns. We can also change the size of your coat, the color, even the look, by shearing or grooving the fur.
At “Christos Furs”, we can clean and glaze your garments before we store them. We can monogram your initials or embroider your favorite picture or phrase, on literally any material. Come in for an appraisal; trade-in your old coat for something new; sell it on consignment or donate it. Lay-away is available for your new purchase. You can even rent the garment you desire, for a special occasion. We have unique items for weddings, showers, parties, or any occasion you wish to mesmerize.
Your favorite leathers are important to us, too. Regardless of their age, even if they wrinkled up and lost their shiny color, we will give them the “skin treatment” they need. Color restoration, repairing and leather-panel changing are among our features.
Our team also cares about your home and any other room/space of your daily life you wish to decorate and upgrade. Pillows, blankets and throw-ons, rugs, covers and slippers, gadget holders and cases are only a few items of our wide collection. Not only will we custom make what you wish to have, but we will also repair your existing items.
“Christos Furs” is a destination for people of every age and background. Come on in and visit with us. Have coffee with us. Let us give you a tour in our own world of artistry and uniqueness. At “Christos Furs”, we create sensation. This is where desire meets creation.



When you think of fur and leather, one thing comes to your mind, warmth! The most natural, eco-friendly, biodegradable and renewable energy; three-dimensional fibers that anyone could own and feel comfortable and warm in. There are many types of fur available, according to everyone’s needs and style. Sable, Mink, Chinchilla, Rabbit, Rex Rabbit, Fox, Beaver, Raccoon, Coyote. Making a new full-length coat requires about three weeks for it to be ready to wear. With the proper care, a coat can outlast its owner and be worn by generations to come. All fur garments must be cleaned and glazed yearly. Afterwards, they must be stored from April to October, depending on the weather, but regardless of how much the garment was worn.
Fur garments are never outdated. They could be restyled, redesigned, grooved or sheared. Fur can be put on any type of material as a trim, and can be worn all year round. It come in different lengths and colors, on request. Leather is equally as popular as fur and in many types of different skins, cow, lamb, snake, pig goat. According to their processing and texture, they are either aniline leathers or pigmented leathers.
Just like fur, leather is renewable, and proper care will maintain it to its full extent. Rips, tears, discoloration can all be replaced and fixed by changing panels. Leathers can also be restyled. Custom making a leather coat takes about twelve days, before it is ready to wear. Unlike fur, it does not have to be stored through-out the spring and summer months, unless it is trimmed with fur. Leather should be kept in a cotton bag in order for it to breathe, before placing it in your closet.
This high-end couture can fit everyone’s lifestyle and budget. All of us deserve to feel warm, comfortable and luxurious.
Christos Furs, your fur and leather destination!


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