Brooklyn Beige Sectioned Mink Vest

Brooklyn Beige Sectioned Mink Vest


Our Brooklyn Beige Sectioned Mink Vest is made to order, available in all sizes (XXS-XXXL).

Starting at $3,590.00

Garment Specs:

  • Fox trim
  • 100% Genuine Mink & Fox
  • Button closure at neck
  • European closures
  • Side pockets
  • Fur Origin: Greece
  • Professional Fur Cleaning Only

Expert tips:

  • Maintain the Brooklyn Beige Sectioned Mink Vest's look and appearance by storing it in our temperature- and humidity-controlled storage vault annually, along with cleaning and glazing. Cold vault storage delays the deterioration of the skins, protecting the longevity of your investment. Cleaning removes dirt, unwanted body oils, and winter solvents, while the glaze adds a protective layer and shine to your fur.
  • Make sure to unbutton the Brooklyn Beige Sectioned Mink Vest while driving to lessen the stress on the fur.

This garment is Christos Furs and Leather Certified, meaning it is designed to last a lifetime. Made of the highest quality and responsibly sourced Greek or Canadian genuine fur, this garment is the world's best outerwear. Nothing is more natural or warmer than fur.

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If you’re located in the Chicagoland area, feel free to stop in for an in-person consultation. If you aren’t, virtual redesigns are available! 

Take a look at one of our favorite redesigns from this season…
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Not only does real fur have a better look, but the natural fox guard hairs provide warmth by deflecting the wind from your face.

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