Custom Leather Jumpsuit

Custom Leather Jumpsuit


The Leather Jumpsuit

Garment Specs

  • Made entirely out of genuine leather. Customization available.
  • Zipper front
  • Design Sample
  • Made to order
  • Made in the USA

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Christos stands out in the industry not only for his unique designs and exquisite craftsmanship but also for his commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainability. With a commitment to preserving traditional techniques, Christos has become renowned for his ability to create luxurious and unique pieces. His extensive experience, expertise, and dedication to preserving the art of furrier craftsmanship set him apart from others in the industry. Making Christos Furs and Leather a unique and cherished brand. While promoting textiles that come from the earth and biodegrade back into the earth within a year. Christos also upcycles synthetic textiles that take more than 1,000 years to biodegrade. By upcycling these man-man materials, he is able to breathe new life into them with the hope of keeping our planet free of landfills and toxic water systems.

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Redesign season is finally here! 

If you’re located in the Chicagoland area, feel free to stop in for an in-person consultation. If you aren’t, virtual redesigns are available! 

Take a look at one of our favorite redesigns from this season…
Redesign Series: The before and after of a destroyed fur slipper! Ft. the cutest offender of Chicago🐾

#redesignseries #furslippers #sustainablefashion #colorfulfur #dogsofinstagram #fashion
Redesign Series: The before & after of a faux fur collar! 

Not only does real fur have a better look, but the natural fox guard hairs provide warmth by deflecting the wind from your face.

#redesignseries #christosfursandleather #themoreyouknow #sustainablefashion #slowfashion #foxcollar #realfur
Today’s the day… Last day to shop our Valentine’s Day Sale! ❤️