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Beautifying your life with natural fibers

For your convenience, we have created a service that will allow you to redesign, and re-purpose your fur garment online, without leaving the comfort of your home.

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The best way to maintain the texture and looks of your garment is to store it every year.

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Redesign your coat virtually

Our Clients Love Us

I highly recommend that you visit Christos Furs!
The next time you’re looking to purchase a fur, redesign or storage, check out Christos Furs you will be ecstatic from the stiles, the knowledge and service!

Olga Kmet

Great customer service, very talented Christos and his team always make sure to give high quality work. Never seen anything like this, a purse made from shoes? Love that! Love that they are able to restore and make any fur or leather look new again.
Thank you so much for your work, very happy with my new restored coat!

Ludmila Kay

Christos Furs is introducing us a new service - VIRTUAL DESIGN and REDESIGN, which is amazing! Now you can get your coat remodeled without leaving the house! All you have to do is contact Christos Furs using your favorite online platform! The coat is delivered back to you in amazing wooden box. Exceptional customer service!

Yulia Pona

Our Mission

Here, at Christos Furs, we want to educate, design and introduce new fashions with sustainable eco friendly materials given us by God/Universe. We have higher passion, which it’s called PURPOSE. Society always says Good vs Evil. Christos and his team believe in Good vs Good for a greater good! We gonna imply this purpose into our everyday life to keep environment clean and people healthy for next generations. 
Every day you make a choice, so what do you choose today? Fur vs faux fur, leather vs pleasure, cashmere vs acrylic, wool vs nylon, cotton vs polyester, silk vs rubber.
We believe that using natural fibers will make us Good vs Good in our everyday life
Let’s save the planet together and make it better place for the next generation.