Importance of Fur Storage

Storing your fur is one of the best and easiest ways to protect your investment!

Storing your fur is one of the best and easiest ways to take care of your investment! Cold storage can prevent your furs from collecting dust, mold, bugs, and, most importantly, dry rotting. Dry rotting can occur when your furs are stored in warm, humid places like your basement or closet. Dry rotting causes the skin of the fur to weaken, leaving it prone to tears and rips. Once furs start to dry rot, there is not much professionals can do to recover the skins and keep them from ripping again in the future. To prevent that, the easiest solution is to keep up with the maintenance—storing your furs along with cleaning and glazing them annually will extend the longevity of your investment.

Cleaning and glazing your furs is just as crucial as cold storage. Just like you wash your clothes at home, furs need to be cleaned too! Bring your furs to the professionals, and we’ll remove all unwanted dust particles, salt, dirt, and other harmful winter solvents.

Do you ever find your furs looking dull? Glazing is the last important component of fur maintenance; it brings back the shine and protection, but what exactly is glazing? Glazing recovers the natural oils of the furs. During the glazing process, our professionals use a special African Mahogany solution designed to provide the most oil, shine, and protection. With the natural oils restored, your coat will absorb less dust and dirt.

Keeping up with yearly maintenance will preserve your furs’ quality and appearance. After all, this is your investment, and treating it as such will allow you to pass it down to future generations.

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