Pre-Loved Men's Sapphire Section Mink Bomber Jacket

Pre-Loved Men's Sapphire Section Mink Bomber Jacket


Pre-Loved Men's Sapphire Section Mink Bomber Jacket

  • Length 29.5"
  • Shoulder & sleeve length 35"
  • Size large
  • 100% sapphire mink sections
  • Wing collar
  • Bracelete cuff
  • Front velvet pockets
  • Professional fur cleaning only
  • Zipper closure
  • Existing monogram: Client's first initial & last name
  • Magenta lining with inside pocket
  • Label : American FurMart
  • Worn lining; discoloration and pilling throughout, inside pocket seams worn
  • Overall moderate condition ; mink is soft,supple and true to color, loose threads throughout and worn lining
  • Grey
  • Staff recommendations : reline and add new monogram
  • Men's Pre-loved Apparel/Outerwear

Disclaimer: Pre-loved purchases are Final Sale and sold as is with no returns. We are more than happy to redesign or make any alterations needed to your garment after the sale. Our services include; new linings, monograms, adding/replacing collars, replacing worn trim/edges, along with any other custom alterations. To inquire about servicing a Pre-Loved garment please email us:

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