Posted on by Christos Taltsidis


Real Fur is green, ecological, renewable resource, durable, three dimensional weaved natural fiber when it gets cut it doesn’t fray, and no technology can put it back together to its natural stage. It is also biodegradable - 100% recycled. The fur processing is earth friendly. Fur can last you longer than any other material. It’s only one of a few clothing items that are often passed down to two or three generations if its stored and cleaned every year. Not to mention that is the warmest and the most elegant garment for anyone to wear. It’s also important to say that animal welfare is a top priority for the people working in the fur industry. Faux (Fake) Fur is petroleum-based synthetics that damage the environment. Acrylic is the principle fiber of fake fur, which is bad for the planet.It has the worst environmental impact, climate change, human health, and resource depletion. It is a political statement as much as a fashion statement. The faux industry was not prompted by compassion for the animals, but rather the need for fabric manufacturers to make quick-and-easy money. Fake fur will not biodegrade in a thousand years, which means it will pollute the Mother Earth for generations.