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Perfect timing for fur instructions

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Perfect timing for fur instructions

It is best to bring your furs to your furrier by the end of March. The weather only gets hotter.

Do not keep furs at home! Remember furs love cold!

Do not store furs in a cedar closet!

Do not store furs in your basement!

Do not keep furs in your closet!

Do not keep furs in the plastic bags and throw them in your car for days! That is the worst thing you can do!

Be very gentle with your furs! Your guard hair beaks and then fur looks worn out.

If your valuable investment is not stored properly they tend to attract moth bugs and other insects.

Follow these easy rules to protect your furs, and maintain them in a good condition.

Remember furs are meant to last a long time for you to enjoy and pass it down to a future generation. 



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