Posted on by Christos Taltsidis

Support the Locals: Support the Community

The USA has all the resources, required talent, and established businesses to fulfill the needs of its citizens. But still, people choose to buy things of their need from other countries. It has become very easy because of online shopping, they do not know what they are doing by not buying things made in their own country. The points mentioned below highlight the influence and importance of local businesses for a nation.

Supporting local business helps the national economy

Locally established businesses need to lead with value having a defined mission statement and core value. These are evaluated as philosophies of the business, business leaders creating and implementing philosophical values anticipate to boost a company's productivity and manage business much more efficiently. Many jobs went to China or other countries, where USA has been left without the opportunity to lead on the market of producing things for our fellow humans. Thats is why, here at Chrisots Furs and Leathers we fully support the idea to bring back jobs to USA and start producing in our own country.

A clear philosophy also helps a business to recruit talented individuals who could serve the industry, while aligning with the company's business philosophy. Explaining to your employees the importance of abiding by policies, and proving a great experience to customers can boost the productivity and performance of a business. The company ends up amassing more revenues, and, this leads to exponential and sustainable growth. And this is the ultimate goal of Christos furs and Leathers to educate and lead with innovative ideas of sustainability and compassion.

Moreover, if a business amplifies, it benefits the national economy as well.

Local businesses create job opportunities in the nation

A successful business needs an innovative founder and skillful employees. A company established as such helps to lessen the rate of unemployment in the nation. They need to train their workers to deliver the best services. A founder could come up with all kinds of innovative, phenomenal, transformational ideas, but to implement these successfully, they need workers with exceptional skills. Thus, when such a business is initiated, they employ many people under them- who were otherwise unemployed individuals with the ability to make a difference. A company’s culture should reflect the personality of its leader; the employees should work with the same energy and vigor on the ideas as their leader.

The core values and skills are a company’s DNA, that should be shared by the employees too when such local businesses are established. A company, no matter how massive and successful is it, needs to invest in developing the skills of its employees, ensuring customer satisfaction, diversify its base, and persuading a spirit of innovation and discovery. And a local business could not make all of these investments without having some success in the market. If people support local businesses, they are, in a way helping their nation and the unemployed people who might be suffering.

We as a local understand customer preferences better then anyone else.

Everyone has a vision for an ideal company, where representatives meet and greet, and get all works done effortlessly. Many customers leave utilizing the services of a particular company because of a bad experience they had with the company. Customers today seek a more positive and satisfactory user experience.

The large firms established around the world are mainly functioning for the sole motive of generating a profit; instead, they should be devoted to develop and manufacture products that benefit their customers. Chrisots Furs and Leathers believes in leading with value; we pursue ideas that require hard work and research beyond our current day job responsibilities and means. We focus on responsible approach to save the enviroment through a wide use of natural fibers such as wool, cotton, silk, fur and leathers.

Today we need firms and start-ups facilitating user-driven innovation. Often customers are faithful to the brand they buy from, but should organizations not be penalized for providing ‘fake—value’ to their customers if they do so.

Every aspect of innovation, including Design Thinking, Customer Development, Disruptive Innovation, and Open Innovation, are more enhanced by designing and developing according to customer preferences. Keeping user interest in mind is beneficial for the company itself. The point of communicating along these lines is to help us learn and make better decisions – Decisions on what’s best for the customer and the company, so we could advance together and stop poluting Mother Nature through use of artifical fibers.

Because the key to ’Sustainable Transformation' is ‘User-driven Innovation and Education'. We urge everyone to switch to natural fibers and prevent many negative things happening to us, our health and our planet.